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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Childern's Quilts my friend Judy made

My friend Judy and myself share Country Cottage Friend etsy shop. She has made these two adorable children's quilts. One is of Sesame Street characters, the other is of monkeys with the alphabet.
There are many different techniques used in these two quilts. Applique, embroidery,stippling, quilting and on the sesame street one there are fancy stitches. You can tell how much love she puts into them.
The sesame street one has all the soft baby colors while the alphabet one has your premier colors. The back of the sesame street quilt is once again the sesame characters with a soft pink background and it also has the alphabet.

The alphabet one has a baby blue background with baby monkeys, baby hippos, baby giraffes, baby tigers, and baby lions. Both are stippled quilted.

I wanted to share her work with you. She does some really cute things.

But her specialty is bags. She has a etsy shop called Judy's Bags. I hope you will check her out as she has just recently opened her shop and is added new items all along.

Thank you for letting me tell you about my friend Judy today. I am sure you will be hearing more about her all along.

Until tomorrow. Carol

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