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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Featured Artist Using One Of My Lace Appliques

Today I am featuring one of my lace customers from my etsy shop Country Cottage Friend.

Her name is Amanda Merideth she has an Etsy shop Intricate Trinkets. She has all types of pretty and fun pieces of jewelry. Today I am showing you a pretty lace bracelet she made but sorry it has already sold. But she does take special orders so be sure to ask her about that. She is also offering free Kawaii rings with a $30.00 order or more. And we all know how we love those free gifts. She also has a Facebook page you can check out to get more information on the things she is doing.

I love the way she made this piece. 
Thanks Amanda for sharing this.I hope you will go over to her shop and check out all her pretties!

Now a few freebies from me. 

                                   Until next time. Carol

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Slowly But Surely Here Is One More Block

Here is one more block of the lace crazy quilt I am working on. This rate I might have the blocks done by July 4th. I sure hope I can pick up the pace on this one.

Here is a close up of the embroidery flower.

Until next time. Carol

Saturday, March 14, 2015

One More Crazy Quilt Lace Block Done

Here is another block for the lace crazy quilt I am making.


The embroidery on this one is of two leaves. This one so far is my favorite.

I wish I had more time to work on it as I am really enjoying making these. I can't wait to have it finished and on my living room couch.

Until next time. Carol

Sweet Little Decorated Box


I did carve out enough time to get this sweet little papermache box decorated.  I  spray painted it a shiny baby blue then when it was dry I added a pretty Venice lace trim The on top of that I added two different pieces of gimp one baby blue and one white. Then along the top edge of the top I added another baby blue gimp. On the top I added two different pink paper roses, a circle lace applique that I make with a vintage pearl button, a star button with a pink vintage button, and a pretty little blue vintage button. The inside was already dark blue so I left it but on the top I added pink lace then a pink paper rose and leaf. A very simple but quite sweet project.

I think it turned out pretty. It would be nice on a night stand to put jewelry in. I haven't decided yet where it is going. But I know that it will be pretty there.

 Thanks for bearing with me. Until next time. Carol

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Pretty Organizer

Today's project is something I should have done along time ago. It is a drawer organizer. Only I wont be putting it in a drawer. It will sit on my sewing table and hold the threads for the days sewing project.

Before they would just sit on my sewing table and they would be here there and everywhere. Now they will be right at arms reach and sitting pretty!

Until next time. Carol

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A Couple of Lace Ornaments I have Made

 I made these quick ornaments that I will be hanging from door pulls on cabinets.




This is 4 pictures of 1 ornament. The first is the front then the back the last 2 are of each side hanging.

I decorated each side first with a layer of lace then Venice lace around the edges. The centers are parchment paper roses, brass filigrees, and flat back pearls. I will have them hanging out all year so I can enjoy them. But I love them and enjoyed making them so I believe I will be making more for my Christmas tree.


I thought since my time is short I might save this one for later but I can't I just love it and wanted to share it. I love anything with Venice lace and cameos. How can you go wring with that combo?

Once again I stared out with a lace background then added the Venice lace around the edges. One side has ribbon roses and the other side a 3 d cameo. On the side with the cameo I added crystal to the Venice lace.

WOW. I really do love these. I know I will be making more. 

Until next time. Carol

Kitchen Makeover

So hubby and I started talking and then the first of the year we contacted a local cabinet maker that was recommended to us from several friends and family members. So he took my ideas and put them together here is a picture finished so far.

Not the best picture but you can see the cabinets and counter tops have not been installed as of this pic.. 

The farm sink as you can see is where I started. We ordered it from Italy. (my husband makes fun of me saying who designs a kitchen around a sink? Silly guy lots of us I am sure I know  am not the only one.) The cabinet doors are now in under my sink.

It takes a lot of work before anyone else can start. Old cabinets out and a fresh coat of paint. (and of course no water)

We had a ceiling fan in the old kitchen but hubby put up the new one I bought. There will be a matching pendent over the sink as soon as the back splash is up( my brother in law is going to do that and I don't want the light in his way)

Here is  a picture of the guys installing the cabinets. It was the very first day of many snow days we have had this winter. (they were in and out that is why they had coats on in the house. And with the door open all day I was bundled up also.) This is the second big project we have done in the winter. You would have thought we would have learned hopefully it will stick this time, only warm weather projects.

Here are a couple of picks of the cabinets in that first day.(excuse my Christmas towel on the stove. Go figure everything was pulled out even the cabinets but the Christmas towel was left)

Here are a few pictures of the counter tops. This is why I didn't get anything posted yesterday the counter top guys were here. We went with a quartz counter top. 

I will show more pictures all along.Until next time. Carol

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Pretty Lace Applique Southern Belles

Today I am going to share with you some more of the lace appliques I make. They are pretty Southern Belles.


Here they are as if you would want to use them on a project such as a crazy quilt. They look as though they are waiting for the party to start.

I sell these on my Etsy shop

I hope you have enjoyed looking at these lovelies that I have created. Until next time. Carol

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Crazy Quilt Lace Block

Here is another block to the lace crazy quilt that I am working on.

The embroidery is of a rose bud.

Until next time. Carol

Friday, March 6, 2015

Decorated Silver Spoons

Today's I want to share with you a set of silver spoons that I have decorated.


And here they are.

And here is close ups of the bowl of the spoons.

Here they are displayed hanging from the key of my antique china cabinet.

Thank you for dropping by. Until next time. Carol

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Here are a couple more of the crazy quilt style lace quilt blocks.

This one has a watering can embroidered on it.

This one has a Celtic cross.

Wow that is 3 done only need 46 more. That's OK it will be pretty when it is finished. I will enjoy it for a long time on my living room couch.

Until next time. Carol

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

My Decorated Lace Appliques

Today I thought I would share with you some of the lace appliques I make that I have dolled up.

This one is baby blue I added a pink cameo in a copper frame to the top. On the sides I added pink ribbon rose and a acrylic white leaf. In the center is a pretty vintage bling brooch.

This one is 2 lace appliques that I have made. The green one is a flower and leaf I added the blue flower to it for dimension. Then to the blue flower I added  ivory satin carnation and under that I added 3 pink ribbon roses. Over the satin carnation is 2 pearls.

This is a pretty white lace applique that I made so I kept it simple. To the top I added a satin pink carnation and under it I added a pink satin rose.

To this yellow lace applique that I made I added an ivory satin carnation in the center with two satin ivory roses at the top. In the roses I added pearls to the center and also added 4 more pearls.

These pieces would be pretty on a crazy quilt or any altered fabric art project such as lampshades, pillows, boxes, lace books, lace wall hangings and anywhere a pretty feminine touch is needed.

Thanks for stopping by. Until next time. Carol

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Lace Bangle Bracelet

Today's project is a lace bangle bracelet.

I padded the bracelet for comfort then added the blue vintage lace.

On the inside I added another piece of the blue lace around it and then a blue ribbon on top of it for comfort.

To the top I added one of the white lace appliques that I make. To it I added a pink satin carnation flower. On both sides of the satin flower I added a pretty flat back pearl.

All the way around the bracelet I added a white braid with tiny silver beads.

So here it is finished and ready to wear. Simple but dressy.

Until next time. Carol