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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Look What I found

I found these two vintage cake stands the other day on my travels. They are so much heavier then the ones made today. I had trouble carry the two to may car. (but they where worth it)

I brought them home and put them on my counter They looked so empty so I added some of my faux goodies.
One I filled with my cupcakes and the other with two different cake slices.
Yes there are three pictures but 2 of the one with cake slices. Not sure why that one got two pictures?
I like the way they look on my counter now. Other than for the fact they make me hungry when I walk by. At least they wont add any pounds to my hips.
Until next time. Carol

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Off To A Good Start

I quilted this first of this week. I cut the scallops today. I will put the binding on tomorrow. This is one of my favorite quilts. Yes it is very easy but I love scrappy quilts. What a great way to see all the different fabrics. I love fabric.

It has several different embroidery designs that I scattered around it. No rhyme or reason. This one is a heart vine with 2 pink roses with blue bows.

This one is 3 little pink roses in a teal scroll work. Yes I have to finish cleaning up the threads. All that will be done before it makes it to my Etsy shop Heirlooms for you.
This is the last picture I took of the embroidery. There are more. I will show them in the shop. This one is a heart of french knots with one sweet pink rose in it's center.
I didn't get much quilting done last year. To many distractions. I plan on getting some done this year. This type that I scallop is one of my favorites.I have a embroidered one with bullion roses and dragon flies that is ready to be put together. There is also one in the living room waiting to be pined so it can be quilted.
So I feel I am off to a good start. Until next time. Carol

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

We were assigned partners for the mini fabric collage swap. Lizzie is my partner. It just so happens I have had her now for 3 swaps. I am a very lucky lady because she does beautiful work.
I know is loves pink and white. You should see her house. Gorgeous!
Well I am off to get started this is so much fun.
Until next time. Carol

Friday, January 7, 2011

Getting together with friends and family

My friend Judy came over today. We were going to work on a project. You see she keeps her granddaughter so we don't get as much time to play as we use to.

But instead of doing a project we spent our time catching up. And showing and talking about the things we have been doing. She found a pattern for a quilt called crumbs. Using up all your scrapes. Sounds like a crazy quilt but it is different. She has gotten the top together and it is so pretty. I have started a new embroidery quilt. It is pink mint green and baby blue. I am still embroidering the squares. I will show it when I get it a little closer to finish. I will also get a picture of Judy's . You will really like it.

I still haven't gotten back into the grove since Christmas. We will have Anna our granddaughter tomorrow so no sewing. But we get to do the fun things like play with Poly Pocket dolls, she has a new video game it is a ice cream parlor and you have to serve the customers. They were here for dinner tonight and while we were at the table she said Gammy (that's me) I have gotten to the second level now I will show you how to do it. If grandchildren get any sweeter what would we grandparents do. (eat them up!!)

Well enough of my ramblings. Until next time. Carol

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fabric Collage

Linda over at A Swap For All Seasons is having her winter swap. We are to make a fabric collage and swap with a partner she will assign us.
These are always so much fun. All through the time of getting our swaps together Linda likes to show examples of others work. And she has give aways as we go. Check her out and see who won the giveaway and what they got. There are always some pretty things to see. There are 3 fabric collages up to see now and there will be many more. Even if you don't join us in the fun be sure to check out for a lot of very pretty collages. It might even get your creative juices flowing and you try your hand at one just for fun. They are so much fun you should sign up and share in the fun. You can sign up until Jan. 15 or until she gets 100 swappers. Which ever comes first.
Thank you for stopping by. Until next time. Carol

Sunday, January 2, 2011

A New Year

I am starting off the New Year with a new computer. The sewing program I have for my sewing machine took over my other one. So now I have 2 one for my sewing machine and this one for everything else. My husband hates that sewing program so bad he says it would be better for him( as he is the one I always go to when things get weird in computer land) if I just have a computer all to it self for the sewing program, he didn't even flinch about the cost. This way is so much easier on him.

But as for me, all my beautiful clip art is being held captive by the sewing computer. So I am starting over with my collection. From all the great gals who have the clip art giveaway blogs. In one of my next blog post I need to put how to get to them. I know most of you already know who they are but there may be a few who don't.

I would like to say I am hoping for you the best in 2011. I plan ( now lets see if I make it happen) to blog often this year and visit as well as leave comments. There are a lot of you that I love to visit.

Blessing for a creative 2011. Until next time. Carol