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Friday, May 8, 2009

I would like to share with you today one of my embroidery heirloom quilts. It is done on white tone on tone fabric. It only has 4 colors in the embroidery. White, pink, azalea pink and green dust. It is very soft in color but at the same time it shows up well.

There are 16 blocks and they are all different designs. I don't have enough room here to show them all. But because of the colors they all go together. I then quilted a square around each design. I finished the quilting with a hem stitch( not what you use for hemming pants) which is the name of the stitch which gives it a Lacey look. Which gives it that heirloom feel.

I love making these quilts. I have another started right now I hope you will check back to see it when I am finished. This one is bigger.

Don't forget to check out my Etsy shop that has this one and others and more to come. You can find the direct link at the bottom of this page.

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