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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Weekend Treasure Hunt

My friend Judy and I went off last Friday treasure hunting. We went to 3 different places. One was a yard sale right in my neighborhood. The lady use to have a shop in one of the shops we loved to go to. But because of the economy the store had to go out of business.

The lady having the yard sale was one of the people who rented a space. She is from Germany. She really had alot of nice things. I got from her a set of silver plated candlesticks, linens, 2 beaded bags, 2 pieces of crystal one a bowl and one a vase, 2 metal painted candle sticks very shabby chic, a bone china teacup, a pink vegetable bowl, and a hunter green leather travel jewelery case. I hit the jackpot there. I could have gotten a whole lot more , she really had some nice things, but I restrained myself.

The second place you have heard me talk about before. It is a small shop owned by 2 best friends. I found the Austrian China there.(I posted about in a older post) This time they only had a couple of piece of sets. First is the red rose pattern. They had 2 luncheon plates and 1 shaker. Even though it is just a piece of set I love it and it looks so nice in my china cabinet. Then I found a piece of set that is light blue roses bone china. There is 5 bread and butter plates, 5 cups with 2 saucers, and 5 white saucers. Some of this set is chipped. I don't mind because Iam thinking about a future mosaic project.

The 3rd place I found a couple of weeks ago. It is in the next town. about 20 miles away.(Which is very good because I can get myself in trouble in this one.) I took my friend Judy with me this time. I found a pretty china bowl with a red rose on both sides of it. It was a very good price because it was missing it's top. But I think it is still very pretty so it came home with me. She had a plain white teapot which I had to have for my Christmas tree (older post) I have some pretty pink rose decals so I may dress it up. Then I found a Royal Albert Bone China teacup. Made in England it is of the Enchantment collection. (Jack Pot!) I also picked up a couple of picture one is a painting, one a print. I will show those latter because the first trip I made there I picked up another one. So I will show all of them another time.

You will see some of these things in my Etsy shop MyVintageShop ( you can click right to it from the side panel)Some things will be staying for awhile at my house and some will be going into the shop. I like to list 1 thing a day. I hope you will check back from time to time to see what is new.

Thank you for dropping by and letting me share with you the fun Judy and I had.
Until the next time, Carol

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