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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Christmas in July

I have started doing some Christmas painting. I use to sell these at our local craft fairs. But I got burned out doing them. I did them in the traditional Christmas colors. They sold well but then I got my Etsy shop and stopped doing them.

Last year I started decorating one room in my house in pink and aqua for Christmas. So I have decided to do a few Santa's for that room. Here I am loving it again so you my see some in my Etsy shop in time for Christmas.

The pictures are of the beginning of the work, to the second stage were you base coat, then the final step of dry brushing to detail work. The one that is finished is one I picked up one day when Judy and I were out junking. It was all white and gold. Pretty but a little boring. So I could see the potential for a pink and aqua Santa for my room.

The other ones are ceramic. The one that nothing has been done to is a mistletoe Santa. The one you see that I have started base coating is a Santa feeding one of the reindeer's.

I am having so much fun painting again I thought I would share it with you. I will put them on again when they are completed.

Thank you for stopping by until next time Carol

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