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Friday, January 7, 2011

Getting together with friends and family

My friend Judy came over today. We were going to work on a project. You see she keeps her granddaughter so we don't get as much time to play as we use to.

But instead of doing a project we spent our time catching up. And showing and talking about the things we have been doing. She found a pattern for a quilt called crumbs. Using up all your scrapes. Sounds like a crazy quilt but it is different. She has gotten the top together and it is so pretty. I have started a new embroidery quilt. It is pink mint green and baby blue. I am still embroidering the squares. I will show it when I get it a little closer to finish. I will also get a picture of Judy's . You will really like it.

I still haven't gotten back into the grove since Christmas. We will have Anna our granddaughter tomorrow so no sewing. But we get to do the fun things like play with Poly Pocket dolls, she has a new video game it is a ice cream parlor and you have to serve the customers. They were here for dinner tonight and while we were at the table she said Gammy (that's me) I have gotten to the second level now I will show you how to do it. If grandchildren get any sweeter what would we grandparents do. (eat them up!!)

Well enough of my ramblings. Until next time. Carol

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  1. Thank you so so much for for your visit, and sweet comment! I look forward to seeing your quilt!