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Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Fabric Collage For Lizzie

I would like to share with you the fabric collage I sent my partner Lizzie.
I wanted to make sure she got it before I showed it. I wanted to make sure she was the first to see it.

I printed and sewed the pretty lady as well as the word pretty. The 2 white lace appliques framing her I also made. I added pink ribbon roses and a pretty pink bling piece to the top and 2 glass pink pearls to the bottom. The pink lace flower I also made.

I added white rose Viennese lace to each side.

Then I added to the top and bottom a piece of white trim with pink roses.

To the very bottom I added a vintage lace crochet doily.
I enjoyed making this for Lizzie. I have partnered with her 3 times now. I love everything she has sent me and it is all around my sewing room. If you missed it scroll down a few post and you will see the lovely one she sent me.
Until next time. Carol


  1. Lovely,fabric collage - so beautiful and genteel.


  2. Oh my, this is just beautiful. The composition is amazing!

  3. I just discovered your gorgeous creation... it is truly stunning! xoxo