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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Some of my pretty vintage dishes and laces

I have so many pretty vintage dishes and laces that I collect from all the different places my husband and I love to go to. I just love Antique shops, thrift stores, junk shops it is amazing what pretties you can find.

In this picture you can see the dishes and all the vintage as well as some newer laces. That is a tall vintage water pitcher in the back I have a vintage lace collar hanging from it. In the back beside it is a pedestal dish with more laces. to the left of that there is a vintage covered dish with pink flowers it also has a vintage lace collar draped over it. In front of that is a ceramic pink swan that is holding a large crochet vintage lace. Then there is a vintage china teacup with two different laces one in the cup and two on lace holder cards. Then you see a yellow vintage depression glass bowl with feet filled to the brim with vintage pearl buttons of all sorts. Behind that is a blue vintage glass bottle. Under the teacup, bottle and yellow glass bowl is another vintage lace collar. In front and on the lace collar are a couple lace appliques that I make then embellish.(great for lace books and such.) Last but not lease is a vintage cut glass bowl and it is Aurora Bora Allis  coloring. I have never seen one before this on or one after. Love it!




Thanks for stopping by. Until next time. Carol


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