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Monday, July 6, 2009

Work in progress for Etsy shop

This is a 54 x 45 inch striped quilt. It is one of my best sellers on Heirlooms For You. It will be scalloped on the 54 inch side. Which will be every stripe. I haven't worked my shop as well as I should have lately. But I now have many new things on my work table. Now to get them finished and in the shop.

This is going to be a 45x45 inch quilted throw. It has five rows and each row has a embroidered block. The quilt will have scalloped edges all the way around it. I got the embroidery pattern from Kitty Kitty. She has her own web site. You can get her designs there as well as join the group.

I hope you will check out my Etsy shop and please check back often for a look at new things.

Thanks for dropping by. Until next time, Carol


  1. Oh how wonderful! I'm so excited when I get to view what my friends are working on with my designs. Thank you Carol!! I cannot wait to see the finished work! Good Luck!


  2. Hi Carol! You're all set. I did get your comment, don't worry! Have a fab day!!!

  3. Hi Carol,
    Thanks for stoping by & so nice to meet you!! I have your order & its going out in the morning. I read that you carry pink depression glass, & I Adore pink depression glass!! I will be checking you out as well.
    Warmest Regards,