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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Just Waiting

It is snowing here again today. We had a ground covering. Nothing to write home about. But it is in the high 20's. Burrr. I don't go out in this weather. So I am taking the time to take some online art classes. (More about that later.) And also I am taking some time to rearrange my sewing room. As all of you who sew or do crafts, you know it dose not take long for things to get chaotic. So this is a perfect time to get this job done so when Spring gets here I can get out with the flowers. And head for the beach!

The picture is just a teaser of what is right around the corner. It truly want be long. The wait is worth it.

Until next time, Carol


  1. Glad that you're having other useful options to do despite the freezing temp. God bless you sister and stay safe and warm!

  2. You're right, cold weather is the perfect chance to stay inside and get craft areas nice and clean and ready to destroy again! lol

  3. hi! Here in Pa. we are being belted with snow. 7 inches at my house and counting and I have to drive to work tonight as hospitals don't give snow days!