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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Winter Storm

This is the storm that hit us last Friday night. It is the one that started in the mid west and came all the way across. I do mean all the way across. Because you see we are 50 miles from Virginia Beach. You can't go any further than that with out being in the ocean.
These are pictures that I took around my area. The first one is right down the end of my road. There is a giant hill and there were older kids up on there. Why it caught my attention is I have never seen anyone up there before. It is so far away from where I took the picture that it may be hard to see but these kids are sledding down it. If you look in the center to the right you will see a white blur. That was one of them going over a mogul and soaring into the air as I took the picture. To cool! The next one I had to take it is a hoot. It is of two horses eating hay that was thrown out for them. You ask why is that a hoot. Well look under the white horses neck. Yeap, that's a goat sharing dinner with them. Now that's a hoot! Next is a little white country church that I think is just beautiful. The next one is of the Veterans Cemetery If you look in the center you will see a small tree. My husbands father is buried there. Isn't it pretty in the snow? The next one is of the lake behind our house. So pretty in snow. The next one is of a harvested cotton field. I love the way the snow shows off the rows. The next one shows you just how awful the roads got. They still haven't gotten to it with the plow and with budget cuts we way out of the city may not see one. Last but not lest here is a picture of my house in snow. The blue flower pots have pansies in them even though the snow has covered them. Don't worry pansy's love snow and cold weather that's why they are out there.
I hope you enjoyed scenes from our snow adventure. I hope I don't have any more of these to show you this year. But they are talking freezing rain and snow tonight through Friday. Please pray we don't get it. I know to some of you I sound like I am whining because 7 inches of snow is nothing to what you got. But you have to understand we are far enough south to not get this often enough to know what to do with it. But even though it is pretty. It always amazes me the beautiful pictures our Lord can paint. I am so glad to share them with you.
Until next time .Carol


  1. Hi Carol!

    What beaufiul pictures! I have just been amazed at seeing so much snow in the south this winter. Y'all have had way more than us Northerners have had!

  2. Hi Carol, I am delighted to meet another close by Virginia blogger....actually I think I have only "met" one so I am very excited. I am not far from you at all. I often travel up 460 towards Suffolk looking for treasures. And always stop at The Virginia Diner for a bite to eat and to buy some peanuts. The last time I was up that way I ended up at Smithfield. Your snow photos are wonderful...all of them. Your land looks so much like mine. xo Lynn

  3. Brrr but beautiful pictures..spring will be here before we know what to do with it ~Wonderful post Blessings Love Heather :)

  4. I haven't really experienced living in cold places like yours. Maybe that's why I wouldn't mind having snow :)

    Those are amazing pictures. So calm.

    Sorry you lost a friend to cancer. I'm glad she knew the Lord. Someday, we'll get to see them, her and my parents :) May the Lord's healing continue to cover your mom, son and another friend. Blessings to you sister.

  5. Carol, you are such a dear! I love seeing what you are working on & thanks for the kind words you make me smile!