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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Just a few words

I don't know or not if you have noticed that I have added several buttons to my side bar. I took a couple of classes in Feb. I took the February Artist class and Sweet Treats over at Cassanders blog.

I have signed up for her class for March and she has all so included a swap. I all so signed up for the swap over at A Swap For All Seasons. I am waiting to hear from one over at Fated Follies. The one at Fated follies has not closed yet.You should check it out.

I will tell you more about all these soon. Having fun! Hope you are too!

Until net time, Carol

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  1. I was just checking to see if you had made your cake yet. I am in Cassandra's class too. I made my ribbon lollipops but have not tackled the Cake Box!!!!