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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Will It Ever Be Spring

I know spring is just around the corner. We probably will see evidence of it starting next week. They say the temperatures are going to be in low 70's. I look forward to it!

Tuesday we got a couple of inches of snow again. There is still some around in spots. Even though it is pretty I am ready for sunshine, flowers, green grass and warm temperatures.

But being in the house so much has given me an opportunity to try some new mediums. I am working on some faux goodies, tussie mussies, different paper crafts and still lots of my lace appliques.

I have started gathering materials to get to work on the 3 swaps I am in. More on those latter because they are to be a surprise for our partners.

Having fun even though it is still cold. But knowing spring and all the new life is just waiting to happen even makes the last snow pretty.

Thank you for stopping by until next time, Carol

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  1. Winter time is a great time to recuperate and gather our strength back before spring and summer comes. Popping over to say hello as I have been busy. Glad I have the time tonight to visit friends. God bless you sister.