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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A Couple of Lace Ornaments I have Made

 I made these quick ornaments that I will be hanging from door pulls on cabinets.




This is 4 pictures of 1 ornament. The first is the front then the back the last 2 are of each side hanging.

I decorated each side first with a layer of lace then Venice lace around the edges. The centers are parchment paper roses, brass filigrees, and flat back pearls. I will have them hanging out all year so I can enjoy them. But I love them and enjoyed making them so I believe I will be making more for my Christmas tree.


I thought since my time is short I might save this one for later but I can't I just love it and wanted to share it. I love anything with Venice lace and cameos. How can you go wring with that combo?

Once again I stared out with a lace background then added the Venice lace around the edges. One side has ribbon roses and the other side a 3 d cameo. On the side with the cameo I added crystal to the Venice lace.

WOW. I really do love these. I know I will be making more. 

Until next time. Carol