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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Kitchen Makeover

So hubby and I started talking and then the first of the year we contacted a local cabinet maker that was recommended to us from several friends and family members. So he took my ideas and put them together here is a picture finished so far.

Not the best picture but you can see the cabinets and counter tops have not been installed as of this pic.. 

The farm sink as you can see is where I started. We ordered it from Italy. (my husband makes fun of me saying who designs a kitchen around a sink? Silly guy lots of us I am sure I know  am not the only one.) The cabinet doors are now in under my sink.

It takes a lot of work before anyone else can start. Old cabinets out and a fresh coat of paint. (and of course no water)

We had a ceiling fan in the old kitchen but hubby put up the new one I bought. There will be a matching pendent over the sink as soon as the back splash is up( my brother in law is going to do that and I don't want the light in his way)

Here is  a picture of the guys installing the cabinets. It was the very first day of many snow days we have had this winter. (they were in and out that is why they had coats on in the house. And with the door open all day I was bundled up also.) This is the second big project we have done in the winter. You would have thought we would have learned hopefully it will stick this time, only warm weather projects.

Here are a couple of picks of the cabinets in that first day.(excuse my Christmas towel on the stove. Go figure everything was pulled out even the cabinets but the Christmas towel was left)

Here are a few pictures of the counter tops. This is why I didn't get anything posted yesterday the counter top guys were here. We went with a quartz counter top. 

I will show more pictures all along.Until next time. Carol


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